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What We Do

Full Service Marketing Agency
Marketing Strategy

We will get your marketing strategy off the ground and help you make it happen with our selected growth marketing methods

Growth with Leads

Growth of your brand and product is one of the most important things when building your identity in the market. We will create lead funnels through content.

Creatives & Content

Our creative and content will get your marketing off the ground with the best results for growth – we build SEO content, we build nurturing content, we build creative social images for your brand

Grow Your Community

It’s important to build your community & future audience before you begin any marketing efforts. We will focus on all relevant Social Media to help your brand grow

"The reason we love our parents is because they loved us first. Every single company should take this advice" - Gary Vaynerchuk

About Us

Gossip Media Is A Digital Marketing And Growth Specialists Agency
How We Help

The team aims to help and guide businesses, brands and startups to reach growth goals via marketing, social media and digital media. Gossip Media is a hands on agency who can build your marketing strategy as well as building your content strategy, event planning, social media, media buying, PR, mobile marketing, branding, website development, product development (UX/UI) and startup strategy. The founders of Gossip Media are veterans of the startup ecosystem, both having led and been part of startups (often from the very beginning) all the way to rounds of funding and exits. The founders are mentors for startups globally via accelerator programs, Google and mBolden. Gossip Media will help you reach your goals with guidance, mentoring and hands-on tactical marketing that works. The vision is to grow your brand and reach your strategic goals.

Meet the Team

You Guessed it. We Are Twins!
Stefanie Amini
Stefanie Amini
Co-Founder and Lead Advisor at Gossip Media
Stefanie is Co-Founder of Gossip Media and expert in developing marketing strategies for Startups. She is lead advisor and avid internet lover. You can find her mentoring startups at Google, or meeting cool people for coffee and discussing strategy with them.
Melanie Amini
Melanie Amini
Co-Founder and Lead Strategist for Startups at Gossip Media
Melanie is Co-Founder of Gossip Media and digital marketing and media expert for startups and brands across eCommerce, online, social and the native mobile experience using her vast knowledge of UX/UI. She can be found tweeting, drinking coffee and exploring cities finding out what makes people work & succeed. A lover of the Startup Nation, Melanie is focusing on empowering women to work more in the tech space.


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