[Marketing]: 5 Need to Know Marketing Tips for Any Fresh Out-the-Box Start Ups

Marketing, a term so general that it could almost mean nothing to many. But when focused on a particular area can mean the world to a person, product or industry.

There are 5 ‘need to know’ marketing tips that will set you off in the right direction, so here goes.

Home(page) is Where the Heart Is

Your Website needs to be simple, but effective to your user base’s attention span. The homepage is the home base of your business online and it’s the central component of any business’ digital strategy; one of the reasons it’s called a homepage.

Without a good, informative and communicative website to show off your brand to your customers, how can you begin to compete in this online world against the heavy competition out there?

To do: Begin building your website (URL, find a website building tool e.g. WordPress and get the content going).

Content is King

I just mentioned content but it really needs a whole section of its own.

Words travel fast in this world, whether it’s online or face to face. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use that gift of the gab to spread your message near and far.

Build a great content strategy to get your product/service or website noticed and the first step is to create a company blog with posts that will interest your users along with a weekly or monthly newsletter going direct to your database’s inbox.  Try and get your hands on an expert within the field to share his or her thoughts on industry topics to grab attention from your target audience.  everybody loves knowledge, especially when it comes from experts.

Go Social…NOW

Whatever social platform/network is right for your product, use it. There’s no question about it…social can help your product reach new heights and fast. Engage with your followers or fans and do this often. But please don’t share with only your friends and family.  Try and go out of your own personal social circle and use simple tactics such as hashtags that trend within your industry to grab the attention of your target audience.  Set up a campaign on social media sites to get more followers and when all else fails, go face to face.  Tell your fans about the pages (if you can face to face) and get incentives if needed to join.

Retarget the Seed

Ever wondered how that coffee brewer on Amazon ‘randomly’ popped up again on your facebook feed or as a banner on the next website you went on? Well, that is what you call retargeting. The lovely people at said Coffee brewer company have dropped a cookie on your browser once you visited them enabling to keep reminding you of their existence.

Annoying you might say, clever i say. Did you end up buying that Coffee brewer weeks later? I did.

When we say retarget the seed, what we mean is to plant the seed once they come to your site and let the idea grow slowly in the users minds. Then they just might come back to you after the gentle reminder thinking it was their idea! What fun marketing is.

Offer Free Trials

Making money doesn’t have to be just about a quick buck, it should also be a long term strategy. If you give a little, you can earn a lot. It could be now, or in the future but it will be worth it.

One thing you can do is to try offering your customers a free trial of the service you’re offering or free samples of the products you have. Discounts can work wonders too.

People don’t like to commit immediately so giving them time to “think” about it will benefit you in the long run. It could even be a market strategy for your product and you can collect some user data on the way too.

Remember, Marketing is the basis of how your customers will find you, perceive you and make their decision about whether they will use your product/service in the future. Do it right from the start with a little planning and the right execution and you’ll be in the right place in no time.