[Guest Post] Social Media Marketing Hacks to Boost Engagement

Social Media Marketing Hacks to Boost Engagement. Social media includes platforms and websites that allow users to create and share content and engage in social networking. Sharing your content to a social media platform is a marketing strategy and as a business, you must have an end objective for sharing such content to this particular platform.

Social media is not marketing. Delivering useful and relevant content to your target market is marketing. Social media marketing works in reverse—the objective is marketing; you create media or content, be social, and share your content to attract people back to that content.

Social Media Marketing Hacks to Boost Engagement

Building a Social Following

Building a following is important when you want to do marketing through social media. This way you are able to broadcast your content to enough people who will view and probably share your content.

  • People connect with people better than brands
  • Build relationship with people
  • Go into communities and create a presence there
  • Find shared interests, go into communities, forums, groups and help people completely without selling

Deciding Your End Objective

When deciding your end objective for utilizing social media, you must first identify your business phase. Where you are in your business phase often dictates your overall business level goal or end objective.

  • Business Launch
  • Repositioning Your Business
  • Business Growth
  • Increasing Market Share
  • Increasing Profitability
  • Replication
  • Exit Strategy


Social Media Marketing Hacks to Boost Engagement

1. Monitor Trends to Boost Relevance


Monitoring trending topics online gives you an overview of what people are currently talking about. Trending topics are powerful as they give you instant access to people's interests and intentions. Creating content relevant to these trending topics can get you more engagement.

Make use of trending hashtags or topics that your target audience will find interesting. Using these trending hashtags and topics is a great way to get your audience’s attention as millions of people are already talking about them.

You will find many trending hashtags and topics that can help you be in the loop and get you more engagement, but it is still important to focus on topics that your business can relate to or something that your brand truly believes in.

2. Building Communities and Groups

Building groups and communities allows you to connect with people with similar interests. Anyone can create an online group, but building an engaged community is what you must always aim for as this can also be an additional channel for you to share your content. Being with a group or a community of people with shared interests can help you connect with a larger audience who can be converted on later stage as loyal customers.

3. Utilizing The Best and Most Appropriate Form Of Social Media Platforms


While there are many social media platforms available on the internet, it is important that you know where your target audience is. Every platform has its own strength and audience. Knowing where to share your content helps you get quality engagement.

You may find multiple social media platforms appropriate for your business, and it is important that you customize your content for these different platforms to encourage engagement.

4. Go Live!

Many networking platforms now allow you to go live. You can go live on Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. Facebook Live is presently being utilized by many influencers to attract a larger audience.

On LinkedIn, each time you start a live video, all of your followers will receive a notification.

Before going live, you must decide on a general topic to discuss. During your live session, you must also encourage those who joined your live video to interact with you by asking questions.

5. Use Social Media As a Customer Service Touchpoint

Great customer service helps in improving the relationship with your existing customer and with the new one. Brands have to promote themselves vigorously on social media, as these platforms are the rich ground for providing excellent customer service. These brands also respond to customer questions and comments on their social media pages. Responding to customers through social media is one can be very powerful in developing a good relationship with customers.

6. Partner with Influencers

Influencers are known to influence the customer by motivating them to purchase a certain product or service. Social media marketers would agree that brands should be in touch with the micro-influencers for expanding their client base. The conception that a huge number of followers in a social media account of an influencer makes him of high-worth may be true to a certain extent, but this does not always guarantee a good engagement rate.

It is important to note that some influencers use engagement bots, some purchase fake followers, and some rely on boost groups. These are some of the things that you should consider so you’d be able to find quality customers and leads. Most of the online customers follow micro-influencer to gather honest feedback on the product so you should take time to check an influencer’s engagement rate and quality.

7.  Invest in Images and Video

Humans are visual beings. According to research, an estimated 90% of the information that comes to our brains is visual. By making use of relevant and interesting images and videos as part of your social media marketing strategy, you can get people to stop and look at your image and watch your videos.

Along with striking images and videos, it can also be helpful that you allow your audience to wonder—maybe providing just a sneak-peek at new products or promotions, or a post that would invite engagement. These types of posts invite your audience to be a part of something, which in turn helps in building your relationship with them.


Social media has actively demonstrated its remarkable ability to connect to people from all over the world and inspire action. When marketing through social media, you'd want to identify the action you want from your target audience. It may be a social follow, to visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, make a purchase, call you, etc. Whatever your end objective is in your social media marketing efforts, you must utilize this platform consistently—broadcast to enough people long enough and loud enough to make an impact and increase the possibility of reaching more people than your actual current following.


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