What is it all about?

We’d like to welcome and introduce you to the Gossip Media blog.

It all started with an idea of wanted to share (what we thought was cool), teach (what we knew was important) and learn (the most crucial things in life in order to survive) about starting up in this online world so we started this blog.

Being a founder can be a lot of fun (pizza for breakfast, meetups in a pub…well you catch our drift) but also really hard work too (think long hours, sleepless nights and answering a lot of questions and not to mention the awful realisation that you have the wrong team for your product). Being the founders of Gossip Media Digital Agency, we decided that we could do something to help others who are in the same boat as all the small companies and the fresh-out-the-box start-ups we were helping to set their strategy and reach their marketing goals.

There are a lot of questions flying around and its understandable – you need to know what you are doing before you get too deep. There are topics like the gritty stuff that nobody wants to deal with, for example, equity amounts – who get’s what? and how much should you pay an accountants when you have no money?. Well since we know most of the answers and can find out the rest with ease, we thought to ourselves that it’s the perfect time to share this knowledge with everyone. Why keep it to ourselves, huh?

So, the Gossip Media blog came about. It was born.

Reaching this blog is a big step already. It means you are ready to take that next step in your journey to the start-up world. By making this your destination means that you want to gain knowledge and maybe start your own company, help improve your already existing business, set yourself new goals or even improve your department’s kpi to success.

What is it that we will be sharing, teaching and showing you? Well, the blog will cover all things digital, whether it’s marketing strategy, best practices, product advice and development or even equity and the other scary stuff nobody wants to talk about.

We will also offer start up advice from early stage, all the way up to investments and beyond. We will cover the basics of on and offline marketing and anything in between.

You will hear from the two lead advisers at Gossip Media and regularly see guest posts from experts in the field. What could be better right? If it was covered in chocolate…who said that??

This is just the beginning of your journey with us. Because your destination matters.

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